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This February, it's time to get PRIMED, and of course, St. Valentines' Day! Get organised now!

When asked the question, "What is a Kindle?" the response may be hard to explain.
This is such a magnificent and advanced device, but great for any reading level.
eBook readers have become a very popular phenomenon very fast. eBook readers, like the Kindle, make reading fun, new, and convenient.
The Kindle also allows reading favorite newspapers, magazines, and blogs all on one lightweight device.
It has an all white, very sleek design, and is extremely user-friendly straight out of the box.
Other great features the Kindle has to offer include a keyboard--it makes searching for a specific word or phrase within a book effortless.
The ability to add notes to the bottom of the page while reading is a great tool.
An easy to use dictionary is also included.
The last page read is saved.
The Kindle also allows you to download MP3 music files to play as background music.
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The company's new Kindle Fire tablet, a 7-inch touch-screen device powered by Amazon's content ecosystem and priced at just $199, may be an orange to Apple's iPad apple, but I'd argue that it's an iPad killer all the same. On paper, the Kindle Fire has half the features of the iPad. In fact, it's almost literally half the features--here's a handy comparison chart so you can see for yourself. There's no camera, front or rear; the 8GB of onboard storage is half the amount of the base-model iPad; the Fire has no cellular options, no built-in GPS, and no Bluetooth, as the iPad does. The software options compared to the iPad are minimal, and the app library for Android still isn't nearly as robust as the iOS app library. All true facts. Doesn't matter.
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eBooks! Well there is possibly not much to say about them!
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